piątek, 6 stycznia 2017

Her Name Is Calla - Dreamland

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  1. Where the two fault lines meet
    Hung from a tree upside down
    Blood rushing to my head
    Trying to feed myself

    Can I worship your body?
    Live inside your skin?
    With one hand tight round your heart
    Sleeping inside your womb
    Claw marks all over my back
    Blood rushing to my head

    A grave, grave of your own
    Sing me a homecoming tale
    When do you show your face? Is it in the trees looking down?
    Roots wrap around our songs and plant seeds. I'll write this down in the morning
    I did what you asked me. Now I'm not sure that you ever spoke to me at all,
    Scenes of deep red, green fields and I'm home again
    But I'm still confused.